FAQs for Vendors and Attendees:


How do I find out about Porter Flea 2014 Markets?
Sign up for our newsletter to get all updates on shows, applications, deadlines, attending, etc.  Click here to sign up.


Where will the event be and what time is the event?


Location: Track One Building (4th and Chestnut), 1211 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210


Event Hours:

VIP Preview Market – Friday, December 5th, 6 – 9 PM

MAIN MARKET – Saturday, December 6th, 10AM-5 PM



VIP Preview Market – $20

MAIN MARKET - FREE, all ages


What sort of stuff will be for sale?
Our top juried vendors will offer a unique selection of paper goods, apparel, vintage, artwork, posters, furniture, home goods and jewelry.  Does your product not fit into any of these categories?  Email us at hello@porterflea.com!


Will I be able to use my credit card for purchases?
We encourage our vendors to accept credit cards or checks, however some do not have that capability.  This decision is up to the individual vendor’s discretion. Please be prepared to pay in cash for most items.  ***There will be an ATM onsite.


Are pets allowed inside the venue?
No, unfortunately our fuzzy friends are not allowed in this venue per their policy.


Where should I park?
Parking will be allowed on surrounding streets and we will provide a map to point you to all parking options.


How can I sponsor the Porter Flea 2014?
Check out our Sponsor page for more details.
Email brent@porterflea.com for info.  ***NOTE: SPONSORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VEND AT EVENT. ***


How do I apply to be a Vendor?
Applications will open on Monday, September 8th, 2014 for our Holiday Market.

What does “juried” mean?
Each completed application is evaluated by a jury selected by Porter Flea.  Applicants are judged first and foremost on the quality, creativity, and originality of their wares.  Secondary consideration is given to maintaining an eclectic, complementary mix of vendors and artisans; the Porter Flea team is committed to curating a diverse and interesting market to draw the largest number of serious customers.  Please note: brand cohesion is IMPORTANT.  Your brand must be unified.  Get your applications in early!


When is the deadline to apply?
Applications must be received no later than Midnight Friday, October 3rd.  Absolutely no late or incomplete applications will be considered.


Is booth sharing allowed?
Yes, but no more than 2 to a booth.  Please submit one single application with all the information for each vendor who will be sharing the space.  Please include your shared booth applicant’s info in the about section of the application – name, website, etc.


What is the policy for Art Collectives or Mobile Vendors? 
We will allow branded handmade collectives/ mobile vendors to apply.  If you have a question about this please email hello@porterflea.com.  Items must be handmade or vintage. 


What comes with my booth if I am chosen to be a vendor? 
Please bring your own table(s) and chairs and your own pipe and drape if you plan to hang anything.


How can I apply as a food vendor?
We do allow branded food goods to apply to be in the main market area. If you would like to apply for one of these booths, please fill out the Vendor application, check Porter Pantry, and submit an application fee. If you are a mobile food vendor, please email brent@porterflea.com to inquire about a premium outdoor parking space for your food truck or trailer.


Will electricity and Wi-Fi be available?
Limited outlets are available in the Vendor Area, so if you need them let us know on your application.  Wi-Fi will be available to Vendors.