This year, west elm LOCAL will sponsor 4 booths for Nashville based west elm LOCAL artists including:

Bean and Bailey

Bean and Bailey ceramics is a southern duo producing small-batch functional porcelain pots. Our contemporary slip-cast ceramics address the needs for containing, serving, consuming, displaying, growing, and showing. We use colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms, as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems.

Bubo Handmade

Kristen Faircloth has always had a love for handbags, purses and shoes. She loves to scour antique shops and junk stores for vintage pieces and dissect their construction.   

While pursuing her undergrad in Literature, she would often find myself putting off school work to sit at her sewing machine and make bags and wallets for friends and family (or just for herself!).   She later returned to  school to receive a Masters Degree at the Savannah College of Art & Design.  She has worked with many companies designing products and lived all over the country.   It's been a long, strange journey to get where she is now, and she wouldn't trade a moment of it.  

DCXV Industries

Born and raised in Nashville, artist Adrien Saporiti started DCXV to share his art & represent his hometown (DCXV are the Roman numerals for 615, the Nashville area code).

Garner Blue


Hand dyed indigo textiles and accessories to wear and to decorate at home. Working out of her home studio in Tennessee, Lou Garner dyes with natural indigo yielding sublime shades. Her patterns are based on a modern shibori method as well as a stencil & rice paste resist method -- utilizing everything from river rocks & wooden blocks to cassette tapes & laser-cut forms to create patterns on natural fibers. 

In 2013, west elm launched LOCAL in just two stores. Since then, they've expanded to include LOCAL in all their U.S. storesβ€”and some beyond. Each LOCAL maker lives + works near a west elm store, supporting craft + creativity in their community. To date, west elm LOCAL has introduced customers to the work of 800+ neighboring artisans while making each of our stores a local community connector.

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