New to the Porter Flea Scene, we are glad to introduce you all to WithCo. WithCo is a fresh ingredient cocktail mixer. No preservatives, no-nonsense. Get to know co-owner Bradley Ryan as we welcome them to the Flea!

1. What Nashvillian inspires you the most? I am constantly inspired by Ashtin Paige.  She is an extremely hard worker, talented photographer, art studio owner, mother, and wife all at once.  She excels at all of those things.  All the while she is a great friend, and I feel lucky to know her.

2. What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?  Honestly, taking my dog to the park every morning, when it's really early, and just enjoying the crisp, quiet morning is my favorite part of the day. I love Nashville mornings, before the hustle of the day starts.

3.  What is your favorite holiday tradition/memory?  My wife and I do a puzzle for every holiday, we just lay around, watch holiday movies, and do a puzzle.  I'm just practicing for being an old man, getting pretty good too.

4. What has surprised you the most about owning/running a business in Nashville? I was inspired by just how helpful and kind everyone is in this city.  Instead of viewing other business as competition, almost everyone we have met has asked "how can I help?"  That's the type of person I aspire to be.  I may not be good at everything or able to give a ton of money, but I'll show up and be helpful. That's why this city is where I want to call home.

5. Last, but not least- what is your favorite holiday movie?  White Christmas. Always. It gives me all the feels.