Jackalope Brewing entered the Nashville scene in 2011, founded by Bailey Spaulding and Robyn Virball.  We have proudly partnered with them over the years to ensure our attendees the pleasure of tasty brews while shopping. 

1. What Nashvillian inspires you the most?  Jeanie Nelson, who founded the Land Trust for Tennessee has been a personal inspiration to me.  I did a fellowship at the Land Trust back when I graduated from law school.  She is very eloquent but fierce, and has done so much to preserve the beauty of Tennessee.

 2. What is your favorite thing to do in Nashville?  I love going to see live music, but so does everyone, right?  I think I'm happiest when I'm drinking beer outside with my husband Luke and dog Ricky (Ricky doesn't drink, but he's excellent at sitting on patios).

 3.  What is your favorite holiday tradition/memory?  My mom makes the most amazing Christmas breakfast every year.  It's like a french toast souffle, and we eat it in our flannels.

 4. What has surprised you the most about owning/running a business in Nashville?  I don't know if this counts as a surprise, but something that I didn't expect that I'm very thankful for is the connection I have with other entrepreneurs in town.  You really feel like you're a part of something as a member of the Nashville business community.

 5. Last, but not least- what is your favorite holiday movie?  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Jackalope shows it every December at the Belcourt Theatre and it gets better every time!