Storefront Studios offers professional photography for your products. Amy Hobbs, owner, ensures a seamless process by working with clients step by step to handle all details, from product delivery to return.  We are thrilled to welcome Amy back to Porter Flea Holiday and she will be photographing their products behind the scenes.

1. If you could travel anywhere with your favorite people to spend time with during the holidays, where would you go?

I just picture a cabin deep in the woods somwhere. There's a bit of snow on the ground, and a fire in a fireplace. I'd just want a quiet, cozy holiday with family...and lots and lots of baked goods.

2.Nashville business owner that inspires you the most?

I follow Elizabeth Suzann's work and am always inspired by it. I have just one piece from her, and would love to fill my closet with her clothes. One day!

3.Name a vendor(s) you are looking forward to seeing at Porter Flea.

I love seeing my girl Jenny Luckett who owns January Moon. She's one of several Storefront Studios clients who are Porter Flea vendors. Her products are so beautiful and fun to photograph.